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Recently fired, Marissa is a hot mess, and looking for hope when she finds a martial arts flier. Could learning to defend herself from the abusive men in her life be what she’s been missing?

Just the sound of the instructor’s voice over the phone spikes Marissa’s anxiety, that it takes her weeks to finally go to the class. Once there, she bails just before two old friends show up, going to the same class. Seeing them makes her realize how lonely she’d become, and she follows them inside. Hearing the instructor’s sharp shouts when he demonstrated something activates Marissa’s need to flee.

But then she’s paired with him for kicking practice. The knowledge in his eyes terrifies her more than his muscles. It reminds her of the look her husband, Vance, would have right before he’d beat her. Every muscle prepares to run. Can she push through the panic and finally find peace?